Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit

Kit I2C analog output module 4 channel 10 bit

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Kit I2C analog output card 4 channel 10 bit for DIN-rail

With the I2C analog output card 4 analog control signals of 0-10 V can be output.

terminals: fixed terminals

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The analog output card has a total of 4 D / A converter with a resolution of 10 bit. The analog output card is completely register controlled. This means there are no instructions! Only the content of the register controls the behavior of the card. All data is stored in readable and writable registers.

Controls all operations on the map by a microcontroller (PIC 18F13K22). This establishes the connection between the I2C bus and the D / A converters. It ensures that the data is sent from the registers of the DA converter MCP4812. The output voltage can be adjusted with a width of 10 bits to an internal reference voltage of 2.048 volts. The downstream operational amplifiers deliver an output voltage in the range of 0-10 volts. The minimum value is 0 × 0000 (dec. 0) the Maximum 0x03FF (dec. 1023). The maximum value corresponds to a voltage of 2.048 volts at the output of the MCP4812 or 10.24 volts at the output of the operational amplifier.

Size of the circuit board 42 mm x 63 mm

To control Finder dimmer or EC fans, e.g. EBM-Papst, please use a rail-to-rail operational amplifier. You will find this as an accessory for this module.


Program examples, see the blog post I2C-Analog Output 4 Kanäle 0-10V 10 Bit.


Data Sheet      Shematic Diagram


1 PCB I2HAA_LP lead-free tinned with solder resist
precision resistor 12,0 kOhm 0,1%
4 precision resistor 3,0 kOhm 0,1%
4 Metal film resistor 1.0 kOhm
4 tantalum capacitor 0.1 yF
3 ceramic capacitor 100 nF
1 PIC I2C-DAC programmed
1 IC socket 20 polig
2 DAC MCP4812
2 IC socket 8 polig
1 operational amplifier LM324N
1 IC socket 14 polig
3 pin connectors 3 pol and Jumper
1 terminal 4 pol.
1 terminal 10 pol.


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Kit I2C analog output...