Kit I2C analog IO-card with PCF 8591

Kit I2C analog IO-card with PCF 8591


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4 analog inputs, 1 analog output 0 .10 V each 

The kit includes all required components and the circuit board.

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It can be operated up to 8 analog cards on the I2C bus. The following addresses are adjustable by jumpers:
PCF8591: 144, 146, 148, 150, 152, 154, 156, 158
So you can read up to 24 analog signals and output 8 analog signals.

The reference voltage source of 2.5 V is used LM334.
About the voltage divider 10 ohms and 31.6 ohms, voltages from 0 - 10V read.

To increase signal and impedance conversion, the output voltage of the PCF is raised 8591mit a standard operational amplifier LM324. For line compensation in the repatriation is led out to the OP to separate terminals.

Dimensions of the circuit board 60 x 50 mm.


More information and program examples here: I2C-Analogkarte


Data Sheet   Schematic Diagram


1   circuit board I2AU-LP tinned lead free
5 resistor 10,0 kOhm
5 resistor 31,6 kOhm
1 resistor 2,49 kOhm
1 Ceramic Capacitor 100 nF
2 terminal 4pol.
1 terminal 5pol.
1 terminal 2pol.
1 PCF 8591
1 IC-socket 16 pin
1 Operational amplifier LM324
1 IC-socket 14 pin
1 Reference voltage source LM336-Z2,5
7 pin connectors and Jumper

Specific References


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Kit I2C analog IO-card with...