Kit I2C analog input module 5 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog input module 5 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog input module 5 channel 10 bit
Kit I2C analog input module 5 channel 10 bit

Kit I2C analog input module 5 channel 10 bit

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Kit I2C analog input card 5 channel 10 bit for DIN-rail

With the I2C analog input card 5 analog signals of 0-10 V can be read.

terminals: fixed terminals

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The analog-in card has a total of 5 A / D converter with a resolution of 10 bit. The analog-in card is completely controlled register. All data is stored in readable and writable registers.

Controls all operations on the map by a microcontroller (PIC 18F13K22). This establishes the connection between the I2C bus and the A / D converters. It ensures that the data is updated in the registers with a frequency of 80 Hz ..
The minimum value of a register is 0 × 0000 (dec. 0) the Maximum 0x03FF (dec. 1023). The A / D converter to measure against an internal reference voltage of 2.048 volts. Therefore corresponds to the maximum value of a measurable voltage of 2.048 volts at the input. With appropriate input resistors can be the measuring area of the map to expand.

Size of the circuit board 42 mm x 63 mm


Program examples, see the blog post I2C-Analog Input 5 Kanäle 0-10V 10 Bit.


Data Sheet      Shematic Diagram


1 PCB I2HAE_LP lead-free tinned with solder resist
5   precision resistor 120 kOhm 0,1%
5 precision resistor 30 kOhm 0,1%
5 tantalum capacitor 0.1 yF
1 ceramic capacitor 100 nF
1 PIC I2C ADC programmed
1 IC socket 20 pin
3 pin connectors 3 pol and Jumper
1 terminal 4 pol.
1 terminal 10 pol.


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Kit I2C analog input module...