RS232-TTY adapter passive - PC-TTY Interface
RS232-TTY adapter passive - PC-TTY Interface
RS232-TTY adapter passive - PC-TTY Interface

RS232-TTY adapter passive - PC-TTY Interface

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Serial converters, passive (V24 TTY) 2,5 meters for programming of all SIMATIC S5 CPUs

Finished module RS232 - TTY - converter completely developed and tested.

Length 2,5 m

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This interface allows your PC to communicate with devices that have a 20mA interface , eg SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 PLCs .

One calls this current interfaces TTY or current loop interfaces. The company SIEMENS sells a similar interface converter under the name " Köster box " or PC / RS232 converter ( 6ES5 734- 1BD20 ) .
Men also find the name PLC cable.

The logical states are represented by switching of a current 10-20 mA (1- signal) and no current flow (0 - signal). The interface converter is simply connected between the PC and S5. The voltage for the electronics, and 20mA for the current line , which runs the converter of the PLC interface (passive transformer) . Two LEDs indicate the signal status of the transmit and receive lines .

The PLC interface SIEMENS S5 controllers have to communicate with the programmer a serial TTY interface ( 20mA current loop ) . Since a standard PC is usually equipped with a V.24 interface , a converter must be inserted , which converts the voltage level of the V.24 interface into a 20 mA current level - and vice versa.

In our converter two optocouplers are installed internally , the electrically isolate both signal directions from the PC. This offers optimal protection for your hardware.


For more information about this product can be found on the product page V24-TTY-Wandler passiv.


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RS232-TTY adapter passive -...