Kit switching power supply 5V  / 1,4A
Kit switching power supply 5V  / 1,4A
Kit switching power supply 5V  / 1,4A
Kit switching power supply 5V  / 1,4A

Kit switching power supply 3,3V / 1A

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Kit switching power supply control board 3,3V / 1A for DIN rail

This 5V switching power supply control board I2C modules can be supplied with power.

terminals: fixed terminals

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The maximum input voltage range of the built-in switching regulator MC34063 is 40V and delivers up to 1.5 A.

In the control cabinet so that you can generate the 5V voltage for the I2C modules from the most existing 24V DC.

Size of the circuit board 42 mm x 63 mm


Data Sheet  Shematic Diagram


1 circuit board I2HN_LP lead-free tinned with solder resist
1    Resistor 0,33 Ohm
1 Resistor 1,2 kOhm
1 Resistor 1,5 kOhm
1 Resistor 3,6 kOhm
1 LED green 3mm 2 mA
1 Rectifier diode 1N4007
1 Schottky Diode 1N5819
1 Elko 100 yF / 63V
1 Ceramic Capacitor 470 pF
1 Elko 470 yF 25V
1 MC34063AP switching regulator + IC-socket 8 pin
1 inductance 220 yH
1 fuse holder + fuse 1,0 A medium time-lag
2 terminal 2 pol.

Data sheet

output voltage
output current

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